Dinky Ducks gets a refurb

April 17, 2018


  • A Fresh New Look for Dinky Ducks and Puddle Ducks Day Care

    .... and a bright new start

    We’ve had a busy two weeks at Dinky Ducks Day Care, the decorators have been here, sanding, painting and creating a fresh new environment for the children and staff.

    From promising plans through to the final finish

    The rooms were cleared ready for decorating prior to the Easter break, ready for the decorators to ‘do their thing’.  The arrival of a jigsaw of over 46 boxes containing the new furniture looked like a daunting task, especially with space at a premium and the toys and activities being stored in the middle of both rooms … but lets see …. 

    With much of the preparation being completed by the decorators over the Easter weekend the painting could start, clean neutral colours allowing the light to flood in from the garden.

    In a bid to keep the lower walls easy to clean we have opted for a selection of coloured perspex, a challenging and precision needed job to ensure every window, door, hatch, recess was in the correct place and careful cut so that the perspex did not crack or chip.  But well worth the effort.

    Well all those boxes that looked like an impossible jigsaw were made short work of by our talented staff, look at all that teeny tiny furniture.  And there we have another member of staff cleaning the mud kitchen …. hhhhmmm now there’s a job !!!

    With huge thanks to our dedicated staff volunteering to come in and help over the weekend, the nursery was ready for the children to come back to on Monday morning….. and doesn’t it look fantastic ?

    A variety of themed area’s have been created to entertain and educate the children, from a cosy home corner to construction and building area, creative crafts and sensory play to quiet reading areas.  Needless to say the the children and staff were delighted with their new surroundings, toys and activities to move Dinky Ducks into a brighter future.

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