Our Groups

  • Group Overview

  • As soon as children are born they thrive on learning about the world around them.

  • At Dinky Ducks Day Care we recognise that play is the key way for children to learn with enjoyment and challenge during their early years. Each room is individually designed with the age of the child specifically catered for. When the layout was planned creating a safe and secure environment was of paramount importance.

    We have four wonderful garden areas providing similar learning opportunities outside as are provided inside giving children the choice of environment they would like to play in.

    • Ducklings
      Baby Room
      • 3-24
        Month olds
      • 20
        Group size
    • Puddle Ducks
      Pre-School Room
      • 2-5
        Year olds
      • 56
        Group size
  • We use Tapestry

    Tapestry is an online journal recording all the learning and fun of children’s early years education.


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  • Settling in at Dinky Ducks

    We want children to feel safe, stimulated and happy in the nursery and to feel safe, secure and comfortable with staff. We also want parents to have confidence in both their children’s well being and their role as active partners within the nursery.

    We aim to make the nursery a welcome place where children will settle well because we have given consideration to the individual needs and circumstances of each child and their families. After a child is registered the key person and home visiting coordinator will arrange a home visit, which is the start of each child’s induction. 

  • Key Person Partnership

    Each child has a key person who works in partnership with each child and family, developing a secure and trusting relationship between parents/carers and staff. Before a child starts at Dinky Ducks they will have a home visit then attend at least two inductions, where the child’s key person will spend time with the child and family getting to know them and starting to build a very important relationship, which is key to a child settling and developing while at nursery.

    The key person will spend time at the home visit explaining all about the nursery and finding out all about the child, this also gives the parents/carers a chance to ask the key person any questions. The key person support is ongoing throughout each child’s time at our nursery. Each child under the age of two has a diary book which informs the parents/carers of  the details of everything their child has been up to at nursery, as well as all the details of their daily are routine e.g. sleeps, nappies and meals

  • What to bring in their bag

    • Lots of changes of clothes including underwear and socks
    • Lots of spare underwear if potty training
    • Nappies, wipes and suncream if your child attends funded sessions
    • Your child’s ducklings diary book
    • Sun hat (depending on time of year)
    • Wellington boots and waterproof outdoor clothing
    • Formula if you have arranged with your child’s key person for us to make up your childs milk

    Most of all please remember to label everything as lots of parents shop in the same places and things do go missing.

  • Useful Forms

    Download these registration and session forms
  • Child Care Place Registration Form
    Complete this form and return it to Dinky Ducks Day Care.
  • Change of Session Form
    Complete this form and return it to Dinky Ducks Day Care.
  • Please contact us to register your child at Dinky Ducks Day Care.