The Day the Firemen Came ...

October 25, 2018

A few weeks ago, busily working away in the office, the sudden sound of the fire alarms going off took us by surprise, auto responses kick in, but as you all rise to start the drill, look at each other and question did you arrange a fire drill today and then the dawning that no this was for real…. this wasn’t a drill and the heart starts to beat a tad faster !!

Swiftly, fire packs were gathered, hi-vis vests adorned and duties allocated, the office staff staff jumped into action (and that’s not an understatement, that alarm is loud!!)

Meanwhile, the nursery staff were organising the children, putting the babies into a large roll-along cot and escorting them all safely out of the building to the muster point.

With everyone safely accounted for, it wasn’t long before the Fire service were on the scene, much to the delight of many of the young children … and adults 😉

A quick sweep of the building found the culprit of the alarms going off, not a fire, but the steam from a kettle, the switch had broken, turned itself on and continued to boil, in turn causing the alarm to go off.

With all the checks done, the very kind Firemen asked if the children would like to have a look at the Fire Engine …. and I’m sure you’ll know what the answer to that is 🙂

So if you were wondering why your little one was chatting away about the Firemen a while back, now you know. And all because of a faulty kettle.


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